The City is currently considering updating its Code Enforcement policies and procedures and wants to know what concerns are important to you. Please help shape the future of your City by completing and returning the following survey by July 1st 2017.

Mail to:
Code Enforcement Survey
291 N. Main St,
Porterville, CA 93257

Or email to:
To give us a general idea of where you live or work, please answer the following:

Do you live north or south of Olive Avenue?

Do you live east or west of State Route 65?

Do you work north or south of Olive Avenue?

Do you work east or west of State Route 65?

Do you own your home or own/manage a business?

Has your home been annexed since 2006?

That is, was your property ever considered to be outside the city but is now considered to be a part of the city since 2006?

Please assign a priority to the following complaint types according to how important each issue is to you.

Operating a home business without a permit

Operating an auto-repair shop at a private residence

Unpermitted structures or remodels

Vehicles parked on the lawn/ an unimproved area

Storing RV’s, boats, or trailers in the front or side yard

Parking of vehicles with three or more axles in residential areas (commercial trucks)

Storing junk, trash, or debris in the front or side yards

Overgrown or untended landscaping

Banners being used as permanent signs

Barking dogs loud enough to disturb the comfort, quiet, or peace

Water waste

Noise- Loud music/partying

Please provide any additional comments or complaints not listed that you feel should be addressed:

How do you feel that City Code Enforcement could help? Please rate each item by priority.

Provide curbside pick-up on free dump days

Hold neighborhood meetings to explain what is not in compliance and encourage compliance

Provide a resource guide of local contractors and handymen

Provide financial assistance to those who qualify

As with weed abatement, hire a contractor to clean up the properties with debris and charge property owners

What do you consider signs of a neglected property? (Check all that apply)

Would you be interested in volunteering your time to help improve the community?

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